How it works

Imagine being able to buy a box packed with some of the latest fashion items from some of the most sought after brands in the world for a fraction of its retail value.

Welcome to HEAT…

At Heat, we have assembled a team of people with shared interests and ambitions. A team that lives and breathes fashion, that is dedicated to researching all aspects of the industry and to keeping abreast of changes and new influences. People with a truly collaborative energy that appreciate all things fashion.

We utilise our knowledge and relationships with some of the most popular brands and stockists around the world, to source items that we know our Heat customers will want to buy. Be it Milan, New York, Paris, Tokyo or London, only the very best items curated make it into a Box of Heat.

Quality and authenticity is of paramount importance. Before making it into a Box of Heat, each item undergoes a rigorous program of quality checking and validation by the Heat Authentication team. Any item not meeting these standards is immediately rejected and will not be sold.

We have partnered with internationally renowned companies to fulfil and deliver our products. By securing these relationships, we will be able to deliver to our customers the right level of delivery experience. Everything we do at Heat is focussed on quality and delivery.

Our Ambitions

Although we are a young team, we have amassed a collective knowledge base of over 50 years of fashion related experience. We live and breathe fashion. Our first product the “Original” Box of Heat sets the marker for a plan to deliver affordable, sought after fashion to people around the world. A plan that is courageous, ambitious and one that sees Heat working with major brands and fashion houses to develop strategic collaborations. We look forward to you joining us on the Heat journey…

  • delivering affordable fashion
  • re purposing unsold stocks (currently $200 billion per annum globally)
  • helping to reduce the ecological impact of fashion waste product
  • a program of fashion education strategic collaborations

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