Sustainable Fashion: How to Educate Yourself

Written by The Heat Team

11 Aug 2020

It’s no secret that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, practising excessive unethical consumption of items made from millions of microplastics and contributing to millions of tonnes of landfills globally. The environmental impacts of the fashion industry is an issue to be tackled from the roots—and education is key. Although the next generation seems to be more aware of the detrimental toll the industry has placed on our planet, displayed by schools acknowledging sustainability as part of their curriculum and keen activists taking over social media. Some still struggle in finding the right outlets that address the situation in an approachable tone of voice. Here are our top picks of resources which we found entertaining as well as informative.

Wardrobe Crisis

Hosted by Australian Vogue Sustainability Editor Clare Press, each episode delves deep into the impacts of the fashion industry on our planet with a roster of noteworthy guests. The podcast does not sugarcoat the deeper issues, delving into topics like human rights, ecology, and our climate. But with that being said, it equally leads with relatable, hopeful discussions with leaders and change-makers, highlighting how positive leadership is making a difference. Every episode is fun and insightful.

The Business of Fashion 

The Business of Fashion is an unrivalled global resource for the fashion world, and its podcast is no exception. Each episode discusses complex issues within the fashion industry with established designers, creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs. Although not entirely dedicated to sustainability and more of an overview of the industry as a whole—ethical and sustainable views are central to the podcast, and each episode is equally educational and interesting.

Fashion Conscious (BBC)

For those who prefer to binge-watch, BBC has a great series which is a great introduction point to anyone who considers themselves uninformed about sustainability. Each episode follows vlogger Grace Mandeville, who explores various topics within the realm of sustainability and eco-friendly practices, and at just 5-7 minutes long, a great stepping stone for anyone who needs a quick intro.

The True Cost (Netflix)

This Is one of those documentaries that stick with you forever. The central question the documentary poses is: who pays the price for our clothes? The documentary presents the cold hard facts, telling us what we already know—fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, and delves into the supply-chain system of fast fashion, answering the questions which we may not have considered asking before checking out our carts.

Sustainable Fashion: How to Educate Yourself

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