Nike Dunk Strawberry Cough

Written by The Heat Team

08 Sep 2020

As the Nike Dunk Low continues to dominate the year, sneaker collectors everywhere are anticipating the release of the Nike SB Dunk High in the ‘Strawberry Cough’ colourway, and now, there’s finally word of its release, likely set for later this year.

The Nike SB Dunk is a shoe that’s been reimagined and customised countless times. Over the past decade, Nike has released a special edition of the popular sneaker model every 4/20. The date is known across the world as an annual celebration of marijuana. It also happens to be an occasion which has inspired a series of highly sought after shoes, many of which designed in collaboration with skate artist Todd Bratrud, who has created some of the loudest SB Dunks to date. The artist’s affinity for the holiday is evident in fun cannabis-themed names of previous releases like ‘Green Hemp’, ‘Skunks’, ‘Reverse Skunks’, ‘White Widow’, and ‘Walk The Dog’.

This particular model earns its name from another fruity strain of cannabis. The sneaker features a translucent sole and a two-tone upper green suede and red leather finished with seed-like dots. On the side heel, an embroidered image of a personified, coughing strawberry, presents a literal interpretation of its namesake.

The ‘Strawberry Cough’ first sparked interest amongst collectors around the world when a sneak peek was released in March. What sets this model apart from its predecessors is the haze surrounding why it was postponed, and many speculated it was due to the potential connotations of the word ‘cough’ to the ongoing pandemic.

However, instead of cancelling the release altogether, Nike replaced the ‘Strawberry Cough’ with another edition of the sneaker—dubbed the ‘Reverse Skunk’. The model pays tribute to the first ‘Skunk Dunk’ which was released a decade ago, by inverting its colourway.  Only 420 pairs were released globally at one location, Familia Skateboard Shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, making it even more exclusive.

So for those of you who didn’t manage to secure a pair of the celebratory sneakers earlier this year, don’t worry—it looks like you’ll have the chance for another 4/20 special later this year.

Nike Dunk Strawberry Cough

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