“This season I wanted to really return to the original DNA of PHIPPS, the story of Survivalism and the spirit of Adventure” - Spencer Phipps on his SS22 Collection

With so many new labels popping up every other week, we owe it to ourselves to venture out of our comfort zones and not restrict our wardrobe to the same 2/3 brands. However, we can certainly appreciate that sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin, so please allow us to help guide you in this new journey toward self-expression and style development. Our one goal is to educate you all on the hottest brands right now, how people are currently wearing them and some key elements that will truly bring a new layer of enjoyment to your favourite pieces.

A Youthful and stylish person who doesn't put too much emphasis on what they're wearing but instead, the process that occured to make what they're wearing a sustainable possibility

Phipps has been active since 2018 and founded on a deep sense of respect and curiosity for the natural world. Indeed, the Paris-born label has remained consistent with its vision throughout each collection, focusing on impactful slogans and well-crafted workwear pieces that showcase their desire to push the world toward a more responsible future. Phipps already has collaborations with Smokey the Bear and Oceanic global under their (faux leather) belt. These two brand-defining collaborations helped make this a label perfect for the environmentally conscious dresser - A youthful and stylish person who doesn’t put too much emphasis on who they’re wearing but instead, the process that occurred to make what they’re wearing a sustainable possibility.

Phipps is most certainly one of those brands you have seen before whilst scrolling through Instagram as they cater for any and every type of dresser, granted they all share one common acknowledgement - the world and its inhabitants deserve our help. If it isn’t knitwear ensuring we never forget to save the whales, it is their high-quality workwear denim that is finding its way into today's youthful dressers wardrobe rotation. Commonly paired alongside other environmentally focused labels such as BODE and Salomon, it's no doubt in anyone's mind that Phipps is a leader in sustainable fashion.

The man behind the label — Spencer Phipps

Spencer Phipps is an insightful individual who understands and respects the creative processes of his work, always ensuring his end goal is progressed toward through his creations and donations to the charities that make up the foundation of the brand. “Dream big and go after it. Nothing is stopping you but yourself. Anything is possible” is a mantra that Spencer believes in heavily and one he continuously pushes through his exploration lifestyle of both the natural world and the online one - where he enjoys watching how the rest of the world works. In his earlier years, the San Francisco born designer worked on two high fashion power-houses menswear lines; Dries Van Noten and Marc Jacobs, so you’d be wise to respect that the man knows his craft. Alongside this, his network of pattern cutters who work with Celine, Sacai and Westwood partnered with his knowledge of the world, makes Spencer Phipps the perfect blend of eco-friendly and high fashion.

Honing in on his U.S roots, Spencer Phipps took the opportunity to work alongside one of the most famous fictional bears in the world - second to Winnie the Pooh - Smokey The Bear. Smokey is the symbol for forest fire prevention and paired with his fierce look of a Stinson hat, denim jeans and nothing more, the bear made for quite the mascot and T-shirt graphic. As mentioned before, this collaboration put Phipps on the radar for fashion sustainability as it helped show what the brand was about while making fun clothing with a much needed-to-hear message. HoweverPhipps is a brand that believes “actions speak louder than words” when it comes to saving the world so not only was the entire collaboration produced in the same sustainable way other Phipps pieces are, but 10% of sales revenue from the drop went towards the US forest service. So remember, if not you, who?

Phipps’ latest collection is one for the books and host to some of our favourite pieces of the season. The “Whale Print” hoodie for £395 is a much-needed staple for the streetwear aficionado who still desires to make some heads turn. Opposed to the equally cold, but much more outlandish, “Save the F*cking Whales* quarter-zip jumper that still relays the same message as the hoodie, but in a much harder to miss fashion. Phipps also went crazy on the jeans this time around, with their bootcut corduroy pair in a rust colour-way being an effortless style option with some less vibrant footwear and outerwear, letting the pants do the talking.

 Phipps is without a doubt the one to watch if you’re wanting to experiment with your current style or you’re just bored of the logomania trend and wish to go for something more subtle while still keeping the impact of being well dressed. As a bonus, you also get to show off your environmentally conscious side.



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