Here’s what’s going down inside the HEATBOX this Black Friday

Here’s what’s going down inside the HEATBOX this Black Friday

or Thursday, in our case. Dropping tomorrow: 25.11.21



As our longtime shoppers may recall, two Black Fridays ago, HEAT debuted our very first mystery box drop back in November 2019 — so it's safe to say we like to celebrate the occasion by going big. As retailers gear up to compete on who can out-bargain one another this Black Friday, HEAT is promising you the best deal of all.



At HEAT, we carry the hottest brands you need to be wearing and, of course, when you shop the HEATBOX, that comes with a good deal and the added bonus of mystery, which will never go out of style — and this Black Friday we're offering​​ free worldwide shipping on every box along with more value than ever before. For the HEATBOX priced at £299, (the same price as a single Off-White T-shirt at retail) you will receive a box full of 2 - 3 designer products worth £550 - £900. Or, for a bigger price tag of £500, the HEATBOX+ guarantees you £950 - £1500 worth of products from your favourite brands - it's a no brainer right?



Now, we’re not here to ruin the element of surprise for you and just tell you exactly what to expect inside the Black Friday HEATBOX tomorrow - that’s part of the fun - but we don’t want to leave you totally in the dark (Black Friday pun anyone?). So, here are some of the designer brands you can expect to find - Off White, Palm Angels, Heron Preston and A Bathing Ape... fine, we’ll give you one more; Ambush. Now, you just have to be patient and enjoy the mystery of what other designers lurk within tomorrow.

Be quick — once they’re gone, they’re gone. See you tomorrow.