Le Chiquito family and the Baci cousin.

Written by The Heat Team

24 Aug 2020

Fashion fanatics can’t get enough of Jacquemus, and neither can we. Since the French label exploded onto the scene, pieces have been spotted draped across every style star and bags tucked under the arms of every trendy city girl—or in the case of ‘Le Chiquito Mini’, it might be more appropriate to say dangled from their fingertips. Upon its release in 2019, the bag sparked a million memes as people wondered what you could fit in it. “A penny cause that’s all I’d have left” a Twitter-user offered. “My three brain cells” quipped another. Despite its almost microscopic size, we’d still attest to its endlessly stylish design. So if you decide to get your hands on one of these, get creative with what you can fit in it. Whether it’s a single airpod, the spare change clattering around in your coat pockets or a crumpled up bill. You might even find an alternative use for it, a Christmas tree ornament perhaps? Have fun with it, after all, it’s all in the name of fashion.

Le Chiquito’ is the big brother to its micro sibling and the original cult classic bag. Don’t let its small size fool you, it’s deceptively more spacious than you may think. The chic little bag allows you to fit in all your essentials, your keys, credit card, and an emergency packet of gum. The perfect on-the-go bag to take with you whether you’re exploring cityscapes or having lunch by the French Riviera. Over the past two years, Jacquemus has released multiple renditions of his most popular mini bag, in dreamy solid-coloured hues, textured crocodile print and pastel patterns. In fact, if you love the bag but you’re someone who likes to carry your life with you, don’t fret. Jacquemus has you covered with ‘Le Grand Chiquito’. The enlarged version of its precursor shares the same staple silhouette, its spacious body is well equipped to fit all your essentials and more.

Moving drastically up the size scale, ‘Le Grand Baci’ established itself as the star of the SS19 show, thanks to its extravagant proportions. It should come as no surprise that the label reinvented the classic beach bag to showstopping heights, after all, Simon Porte Jacquemus is no stranger to creating ‘It’ pieces. Crafted from woven straw and featuring an exaggerated trimmed fringe bigger than the pouch itself, its depth is big enough for you to pop into if you’re ever out of a beach umbrella and in desperate need of some shade. And if there’s one thing Jacquemus delivers on, it’s options. Offered in Petit, Medium and Grande, and a plethora colour options, take your pick from natural straw, burnt orange, earthy brown or a showstopping fuschia.

Plot-twist: We saw Baci’s cousin, Le Chiquito go from small to large, then Le Grand Baci went Benjamin Button on us and shrank from big to small. So if you don’t feel the need to carry a bag the size equivalent of a golden retriever with you, you can still join in on the fun with the mini version. From barbie-sized minis to jumbo straw totes, Jacquemus’ handbag collection guarantees a piece of arm candy that is bound to tempt you.

Le Chiquito family and the Baci cousin.

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