Summer’s Greatest Hits

Written by The Heat Team

28 Jun 2020

Everyone's favourite time of the year is finally upon us. The season of sandy toes, sun-kissed skin, and late-night cocktails... cue the record scratch— this time around, we’re writing from the comforts of our non-air-conditioned London flats. But if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the travel ban, it’s that there’s nothing like a few months of solitude to give us ample time to pore over this season’s finest.

In the middle of a sweltering London summer, I couldn’t help but wonder- will I ever look fashionable in the concrete jungle without my face melting off? Although nothing beats a refreshing dive into the pool,  here are our favourite pieces which will help you remain somewhat cool.

An all-time classic, the floaty summer dress. Sweeping hems, flirty minis, loose fit,  romantic ruffles... a necessity in the midst of a city heatwave. This season, we shine the spotlight on Jacquemus, who’s billowing dresses and dreamy, patterned prints have us longing to be in the French Riviera. Jacquemus’ collection makes us wistful for an endless summer. Whilst we don’t like playing favourites,  these particular pieces have caught our eye.

Top of the list is the Bahia dress, spotted on style icons from Kim Kardashian to Emily Ratajkowski; this dress is arguably the ultimate cool-girl piece which cemented Jacquemus’ position as fashion’s sweetheart. Featuring a gathered waist draped between layers of cotton and a plunging open front, its silhouette will hug your body in all the right places. Next, a delightful twist on the classic summer mini, the Saudade dress, designed from soft gathered cotton, contrasted with geometrical planes of a dramatic, asymmetrical hemline and delicate cross straps accentuating the open back. Always the master of juxtapositioning, the Mistral dress flaunts a billowy, oversized silhouette, but tiers of layered, sheer, chiffon lend a feminine touch to the design. It’s soft hue reminiscent of the backdrop of lavender fields surrounding his unforgettable SS20 hot-pink catwalk.

And of course, never underestimate the fashion statement of comfort dressing. Juicy tracksuits did not make into every girl’s wardrobe in the ’90s by solely relying on their provocative rear print, ultimately, it embodied comfort-chic. The athleisure trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and today we find ourselves looking at Heron Preston, Palm Angels and Off-White, the holy trinity of luxe streetwear.

Nothing says ‘I just woke up and threw this on’ more than a classic white tank top. Lauded for being an off-duty model staple, it’s a piece you’ll wear time and time again, so why not look for an elevated version of the sleeveless top? Off-White’s sporty, racerback crop is our go-to as an understated foundation to compliment any outfit. It may have been the year for the micro-bag, but big is in. Summer doesn’t always mean skin-tight crop tops, sometimes less is more, and Palm Angel’s oversized t-shirt is just that. A versatile piece, it can be worn supersized, tucked or tied. Whether paired with denim jeans, cycling shorts or even the no-pants look for the brave, it’s an easy, no-frills option. The aforementioned bicycle shorts have been paired with everything from corsets to blazers, heels to sneakers and just about anything else in between. Unexpectedly flattering, everyone from A-listers to catwalkers has submitted to its charming appeal. A pair of cycling shorts from Heron Preston can be worn to apéritifs one evening, and for an iced coffee run the next day.

It’s the year double denim made a comeback, an all-season staple, denim is a girl’s best friend. How often do we search for the perfect pair? Finding the perfect fit, length, cut, and shade is practically a 9 to 5 in itself. Distressed, bleached, tailored, there’s a pair of denim for every occasion.

Amiri puts their signature rock-n-roll twist into deconstructed denim, featuring their signature distressing and vintage wash aesthetic, their flattering light denim shorts sit high on your hips, a faultless accompaniment to any top. In order of hemline, next is the mid-length jean shorts, the jorts. We'll admit, the unusual length may be intimidating upon first glance, but the knee-grazing dark denim Givenchy shorts from their SS20 collection are a surprising breath of fresh air, the perfect counterpart to a crisp shirt and knee-length boots for a more refined look. Finally, for those looking to sit in the park without fearing a slip or a case of the grass rash, Balmain jeans infuse their signature biker aesthetic with a modern classic. You can never go wrong with a pair of skinny ripped stonewash jeans.

Summer’s Greatest Hits

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