“One day he completely surprised me by offering to back me in having my own collection. it was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me.” - Maisie Wilen

Maisie Wilen is one of the hottest labels of the year. With pieces seen on everyone from celebrities, children and even computer-generated influencers, it's hard to believe that she's only been around since 2019. Nevertheless, Maisie Wilen is certainly one to watch and we are here to tell you how the label came to be. 

The brand name itself is made up of creative director Maisie Schloss’ first name and ‘Wilen’, her mother's maiden name. After graduating from Parsons School of Design with a Fine Arts Bachelor’s degree in 2013, Maisie began her career in the fashion industry the same way many people do… interning. Between 2008 and 2013, her main title at every brand she worked with was as an intern, and it wouldn’t be until 2019 when the Maisie Wilen name shot its way into the industry with help from one particular A-lister, but more on that later.

The brand’s Instagram tagged photos are a treasure trove of well-dressed women all successfully showing off their confidence and personal style when stepping out in the vividly coloured nylon bodysuits. Although the pieces themselves are enough of a statement to be worn on their own while being commonly paired with more basic footwear and accessories, Maisie Wilen fans alike always seem to make sure one thing is clear between their fit pics — the clothing does the talking.

Now, it's time to touch on just who helped fast-track the namesake label off the ground, and we’ll give you a clue in the form of a Chance The Rapper lyric… "I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail”. That’s right, the man who Maisie worked alongside for nearly 3 years and was made his protégé was none other than Kanye West.

It began in December 2015, the man we now call ‘Ye’ (after his very recent name change) had at this time already shocked the fashion world with two Yeezy season collections and made a prominent mark within the industry. Shortly after Yeezy Season 2 was shown to the world, a-then 24-year-old Maisie Schloss entered the scene and started as an assistant womenswear designer for Yeezy. At the time, Maisie’s job description was anything from recording information during fittings to creating CAD drawings of the entire collection, but she quickly proved herself to become one of the main womenswear designers for the label in just one year. It was during the middle of 2019 when West made headlines for his official launch-announcement of a creative incubator for young designers. This was to be the life-changing opportunity that Maisie was the very first recipient of, as she once recalled the exchange to Vogue in saying “Kanye very generously offered to support me; he truly cares about sharing resources and creating opportunities for creatives to grow and be recognised.”

Now, back to the present day, Maisie Wilen is on everyone. Her figure-hugging, vividly patterned womenswear is just one of the many fan favourites and makes for an enchanting look for any night out, a statement that everyone from Kendall Jenner to Jorja Smith would agree on. “I try to make clothes that are very wearable, but at the same time, very special,” Maisie said about her label. This is something she has proven time-and-time-again through every collection, especially in her most recent SS22 deliverance which saw a direction away from the party dress aesthetic which she is known for. Instead, Maisie looked upon the uniforms of jockeys for inspiration, with a standout piece from the collection being a silk shirt paired with a signature Wilen print aimed to mimic the clothing worn by jockeys who wear a certain colour that is unique to the owner of the horse being ridden.

Maisie Wilen has a piece for everyone. If going out and being the centre of attention is your thing, then explore her selection of skin-tight bodysuits or perforated turtlenecks. If you want a more subtle look while keeping that Wilen vibrancy, then perhaps the Humanoid race jackets are the ones to incorporate into your wardrobe. Whatever the vibe is, one thing we know for sure, Maisie Wilen is here to disrupt the industry in all the right ways.

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