FaZe Clan x HEAT

Written by The Heat Team

21 Sep 2020

HEAT is excited to announce our upcoming collaboration with FaZe Clan, launching on Friday September 25th. This capsule celebrates the growing momentum of gaming’s evolution into the Streetwear landscape. Fashion and interactive gaming go hand in hand as outlets for imagination and fantasy, both sharing a culture of creative expression and compelling storytelling that has appealed to the youth of this generation.

FaZe Clan is an example of the cross-pollination between esports and designer streetwear. Today, they are known as the most popular esports organisation on the planet, but the collective are just as established players in the fashion game as they are on Fortnite. What was primarily founded as a Youtube channel sharing videos participating in the widespread phenomenon of competitive gaming has branched out to other forms of content, revolving around lifestyle and streetwear. The clan has accumulated a fanbase who are equally captivated in watching them strike down opponents as observing a $20,000 Gucci store haul.

HEAT and FaZe Clan are the perfect teammates. It comes as no surprise, after all, players spend hours customizing their avatars, spending money to purchase custom skins—it only makes sense that their fantasy wardrobe translates into the real world. This collaboration came about when one of HEAT’s co-founders, Frazier Khattri, known to his fans as @FaZeKay, ventured to align his interests in gaming and fashion.

Our exclusive partnership will introduce a limited edition HEAT x FaZe Clan box for men, in a never-seen-before colourway. We have unlocked the FaZe archive to select some of the most sought after merch, giving you the chance to get your hands on sold-out and unreleased pieces. In addition, expect to receive one to two designer items from FaZe Clan’s favourite streetwear brands. HEAT x FaZe clan boxes will be priced at $299, with a guaranteed RRP value of $400+.

As always, boxes will be extremely limited—don’t miss your chance.

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FaZe Clan x HEAT

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