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The actual truth and whole sham of a two party system.

So where to begin, I guess the best place would be to ask all of you this.

Who here reading this has voted for someone,

because they hated the other option and only voted to keep that person out of office?

If you said that’s me you aren’t alone, many people don’t realize there is a third party option.

Why is this you may ask why don’t we hear about the third party?

Well the answer is simple they don’t gain much ground due to not having much of a voice.

To be blunt and honest we need to put an end to the whole two party system and its ideals.

Simply because most voters feel trapped or limited on options we end up with people like one of my personal friends saying and I quote.

“Maybe… but here’s the deal. people are telling me “If you don’t vote for MY person you’re directly responsible for the other one getting into office.”

No. Expletive THAT. If YOUR own Expletive party can’t muster a more attractive candidate than “My person is less of a douchebag criminal than the other”

Then your party deserves to lose. You’re telling me that the sum totality of your organization, the banner bearer of your very political ideology,

is SLIGHTLY less reprehensible than what you claim to be the devil themselves. That’s on you. YOU are the reason we are here. Not me

Me? I’m voting FOR someone, not AGAINST someone.”

It is thought processes like this in which we see honesty and clarity that demonstrates the 2 party system being broken.

However, this all being said one must take into account their own personal feelings or what they feel to be right for them.

Don’t ever vote because it feels like you only can pick between the lesser of two evils. I’m not saying don’t vote at all,

I am however saying that you need not leave a bitter taste in your mouth by doing what you feel will keep someone you hate from getting elected.

That is the main point just don’t do it, because the distain for the act of voting has become all too common.

People would rather sit it out or vote for the one who is less of Satan incarnate to run the country.

So in the end of this collective of thought Go out Vote make your voice be heard and be sure it’s a vote you want to back no matter what!




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