Samsung devices catch fire around the World


The newest model of the Galaxy Note series of Samsung is the Galaxy Note 7, which was released in US and Australia last August 19, 2016, and later in UK last September 2, 2016. Upon the release of the latest model, several consumers were enticed and thrilled regarding the newest note of Samsung, which led to a huge patronization and sales for the company. However, just a month after its release in the market, it already has an issue regarding its battery. Several consumers around the world complained about the battery issue of the model, which led to the manufacturer’s decision to recall all the sold Galaxy Note 7 worldwide.

Some of the people who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung experienced an explosion from its battery. There are customers who were badly hurt due to the burn that the explosion caused. Samsung has stated that they were able to find battery issues which triggered them to stop the distribution of the units to 10 countries including the U.S. 2.5 million units of the said model has already been sold worldwide which Samsung claimed that they will replace it with a new model without ant cost and charges.

The battery issue caused Samsung to take another step in order to resolve the alarming issue of the latest galaxy model. Thirty-five reported incidents were received in all parts of the world regarding the overheating of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which led to the manufacture’s decision to recall one by one all the units that were sold worldwide. Because of this alarming situation, Samsung collaborated with all the cellular carriers and government agencies around the world to offer the customers exchange and refund for the said model.

The battery issue that the Galaxy Note 7 faced was an embarrassment to Samsung. The company has surpassed Apple when it released their new model. With several complaints that Samsung and other cellular providers are receiving because of the battery issue, people in US can join the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Safety Recall and Exchange Program. This is where they can exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with the same unit but has the approval of the CPSC or exchange their current Note 7 to Galaxy S7 Edge or Galaxy S7 where the cost of the accessories included will be refunded. Moreover, consumers who were able to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 will also receive a gift card worth $25.

With the software update that Samsung conducted to all the Galaxy Note 7 that has battery issue, customers will now be notified regarding the safety of the model. Consumers will always be given notifications once they turn on their unit. When the battery is green, it means that the unit is safe to use because the battery is in a stable condition. However, when a warning sign is displayed, consumers should turn down their unit and return it to the dealer where they have purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung wants their customers to be safe whenever they use the Galaxy Note 7, which is why they performed a voluntary recall of all the units sold. Now, Samsung already distributed 500,000 unit of Galaxy Note 7 for replacement in US. Staff
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