Why You Shouldn’t Shop with HSN


Have you ever used Home Shopping Network (HSN)? We’ve formulated a few reasons below about why you should steer clear from HSN.

  • Non-Existant Customer Service
  • Random Cancelled Orders due to “Fraud Protection”
  • Extended Holds on Payment Method, including HSN Store Card (Expect your money to be held unavailable at a minimum of 72 business hours on “Fraud” canceled ordered.)
  • GROSSLY Overpriced Items (Even more then the Manufacturer)

Here is a few example items that are grossly overpriced:

  • DJI Phantom 3 Standard with Extra Battery – HSN: $999, DJI: $648
  • Vizio 50″ 4k Television with 2 Year Warranty – HSN: $899, Vizio: $649 (2 Year Warranty from Squaretrade is approx. $35)

There is plenty more items we can list here but we ask that you do your own research and strongly suggest you choose a different retail partner that has the customer more in mind.

Let us know your experience with HSN below.

Heat.io Staff
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