HEALTH ALERT: Microsoft Band Contains LEAD?


New reports indicate that the Microsoft Band, their entry to the “smartwatch” marketplace, may contain lead. Most importantly, it may contain lead on the magnetic charging plate that has direct contact with your skin the entire time you wear the band. There has been wide reports of rashes developing from that charging plate. It’s possible this plate contains not only Nickel but lead components. As many already know, lead is a toxic substance that has been banned in paint and many consumer products because of its direct-link to cancer and health defects. According to the EPA, Lead is extremely dangerous.

Rash Caused by Microsoft Band

Rash Caused by Microsoft Band

We advise that all Microsoft Band users carefully consider before continuing to wear the band due to potential heath concerns. We will continue to update this story as it develops, we are hoping to hear a response from Microsoft about these concerns. Staff
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