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Please excuse our lack of political correctness for what you are about to read.

My name is Anthony Fulginiti and this is my horror story about General Motors. It all started 2 years ago when I purchased a new 2014 GMC Sierra 1500; it was a beauty and almost fully loaded. Shortly after purchasing my vehicle I got a letter in the mail lowering the towing capacity by about 2,000 pounds, quite a bit of difference than what was originally stated. General Motors offered NO compensation at all to any owners. Unfortunately, that was just the start of my problems. I then started having a problem with the drivers side door when the rubber literally began melting in several spots. The GM dealership told me that my “body oils” were causing their car to melt. So, your cars can’t even withstand human body oils? How will it stand up to the hot Florida sun? The third issue, one of the worst, involves the most expensive component in the car: the “IntelliLink” color touchscreen. The manual was completely out of touch with reality. It claimed that I had certain features like “Siri Eyes Free” (which was announced by GM in 2013) although that never worked, even AFTER numerous visits to the GM dealership, 40+ hours of phone calls logged, and countless days wasted. I actually had a General Motors Service Manager threaten to have me fired from my job for continuing to bring my NEW $50,000 truck in for service for these defects. It was at this point of beyond frustration that I decided I wanted to file a lemon law case. As it now stands, the “Florida Lemon Law” requires a vehicle to have no less than 3 services in before one is allowed to make their case. I was ONE repair off from filing when GM REFUSED to service my vehicle any further! In Monopoly, this is a go to jail, do not pass GO card. I got so frustrated I wanted nothing to do with General Motors, so I turned the car in and traded, subsequently in the process losing over $10,000 on my trade due to the mentioned problems and the lower towing capacity.

Now, jump to late 2015, I was weary of GM but they announced 16% off their NEW 2016 GMC Sierra 1500. I was told by General Motors that this years model would include “Apple CarPla”y and other important integrations my old truck was missing. I was offered a mere $1,500 for all the trouble from the past. I accepted the offer and GM officially emailed it to me. I had all my ducks in a row, everything documented, ready to purchase another $50,000+ truck. I purchased the truck and patiently waited for delivery, finally picked up the truck, and was assured that the $1,500 was coming towards my down payment. I was told several times by Lawanda in the General Motors Executive Office that she would make sure I got my promised $1,500 cash credit. This was all a lie. I was led to believe I would be able to use this credit with the current offer of 16% off MSRP. After another 20+ hours of calls, supervisors, managers, corporate contacts, and many hours logged by my preferred dealership (not the same one I had issues with previously), we reached a stale mate. General Motors led us on, they lied to us, they openly and knowingly committed fraud. Why would you support a company that not only has the audacity to lie to their customers but also their dealership partners! They caused over $10,000 in financial loss and that isn’t counting any time spent or emotional damage caused. They can have their truck back. I will NEVER buy another General Motors product until I receive compensation and a full apology.

Mary T. Barra, Chairwoman and CEO of General Motors Company, I am calling you out as you are the head of your company, how can you let this happen? What kind of company are you running?

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