The Lie Chipotle Wants You to Believe About Food Safety


Months after Chipotle Mexican Grill’s outbreak of E. coli and Norovirus their stock has dropped over 40%. Just this past week the Federal Authorities investigating the restaurant chain for food borne illness and contamination filed criminal charges against the organization. This basically renders Chipotle stock uninvestable and worthless.

The Federal Agencies reported that Chipotle only notified health officials of illnesses at its Simi Valley location late Friday, 8/21, after the store had been closed, cleaned, and reopened. That means they waited before alerting authorities when they knew of a major health issue. This would have delayed the health agencies from doing a proper investigation which could have saved lives. Imagine a loved one ate at Chipotle and got violently sick, but Chipotle went in and tried to hide the evidence of any wrong doing. What kind of company is this?

In all, more than 500 people fell ill in the latter part of 2015 after eating at Chipotle, according to a report by Food Safety News. When we attempted to contact Chipotle regarding their new Food Safety “programs” they refused to answer a basic question: Have all Chipotle employees been tested for E. coli and Norovirus? We assume the answer is no.

Consumers are advised to stay far away from Chipotle until the criminal investigation is completed. We think the Chipotle executives including the CEO, Steve Ells, were most definitely aware of the health issues that were covered up. What do you think, let us know in a comment! Staff
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