Something is Fishy About Florida Missing Teens


Everyone is in an uproar over two missing teens in Florida. Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, both 14, were last seen buying fuel for their boat near Jupiter, Florida, on Friday. That boat was found capsized on Sunday, about 67 miles off the coast of the Ponce de Leon Inlet. But the teens were nowhere in sight.

You may ask, what is fishy about this story? The parents of the two missing teens have spoken on numerous occasions to the press over the past 6 days, each time telling a different story. At first the parents said the teens are “grew up on the water, learning to swim before they could walk” and that the teens often take the boat out. Now, they’ve changed their tune with parents questioning if this is child neglect. The parents most recently stated that they “can’t keep their eyes on them all the time, they are teenagers” also stating “the boys were not allowed to take the boat offshore or to the Bahamas”. How did two teenagers manage to get a 19 foot fishing boat to the ocean by themselves?

Their story does not add up and it’s very concerning. There has been no mention of criminal charges against the parents. Even after they have lied several times about their knowledge of the incident. There are millions of U.S. dollars of taxpayer money being used in this search that now spans several states and over 50,000 nautical miles. To put that into context, the search area for these two missing teens in just 6 days is greater then that of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370). Where are the teens? We may need to ask the parents! Staff
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