Legit check guide Nike x Off white air presto OG

Legit check guide Nike x Off white air presto OG

Nike x Off white “The 10”, a collaboration that took the streetwear world by storm. A collaboration that not only became extremely sought after by what people would call the “hypebeast” community but it seemed that an extremely high percentage of people in the fashion world was after at least one shoe from the collection. Maybe it’s the fact that Virgil just seems to create desirable products that always seem to be of limited quantity, or maybe it was Virgil’s seemingly flawless marketing techniques that meant Nike ended the end of 2017 with a bang. The air presto quickly became one of the more popular of the 10 and in terms of resell value came second only to the Air Jordan 1 Chicago. Nowadays they go for anywhere upwards of £1000 new. Obviously due to there popularity there are also tones of fakes that have flooded the market. Below we have included a legit check guide to make sure your confident when buying from a listing and will not be stung from buying a fake pair.


Picture credit @masses.com.my

Stitching- The stitching on the back tab is very important and should be one of the first things you check. Note on the legit pair how close the stitching is to the edge of the black strap compare that to the fake pair which has been stitched noteably further away from the straps edge. Also note the stitching should be neat and close together, some of the fake pairs have noticeably messier stitching.

Texture- Note how the backtab on the fake is slightly more transparent compared to the real one. Use this picture as a guide to make sure the backtab is of the right thickness, a lot of fakes are either too transparent or too thick.

Orange side tab

Picture credit @masses.com.my


Shape- Note how the shape of the legit side tab is pretty much an exact rectangle, compare that to how the fake one has a slant and is also more rounded in the corners.

Colour- Not so common but some of the fakes also had the tabs coloured the wrong tone of orange, some of the fakes tabs where slightly lighter orange than the legit ones.


Picture credit @masses.com.my

Texture- It can be a bit of a tricky one to spot if you’re not looking at the shoes in person. The Swoosh is made of a plastic covered in tiny grooves. It is slightly shiny on the legit pairs and does catch the light. Now the thing to look out for on the fakes is for the swoosh to be excessively shiny and almost look patent. As I said, it can be slightly harder to notice just from pictures but if you’re unsure then just ask the seller for more detailed tagged pictures.


Picture credit @masses.com.my

Stitching- The stitching on the fake pairs swoosh are usually less consistent in terms of threads and are not as densely stitched as the legit pairs.


Picture credit @masses.com.my

Font style- You can compare the font style in the two pictures. Note how the legit tag has an almost pixelated style of font compared to the fakes more bold style.

Text colour- Note how the fake tag has a more of a brilliant white colour compared to the legit tags more faded white text.

Tag Colour- The legit tags are more of a dull red in comparison to the fakes very bright red colouring.

Important note- The quality of fake tags have improved drastically so some of the newer fakes may have almost 1 to 1 hang tags, so it’s important to make sure you check other points stated in this guide also.

Picture credit Fake Education

Size- Another important thing to look out for is the size of the zip tie. A lot of the fake zip ties are a lot longer in length and have a bigger circumference where the writing is than legit zip ties. This is a tell tale sign.

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