Legit check guide Nike x Off white air jordan 1

Legit check guide Nike x Off white air jordan 1


Nike x Off white “The 10”, a collaboration that took the street wear world by storm. A collaboration that not only became extremely sought after by what people would call the “hype beast” community but it seemed that an extremely high percentage of people in the fashion world was after at least one shoe from the collection. Maybe it’s the fact that Virgil just seems to create desirable products that always seem to be of limited quantity, or maybe it was Virgil seemingly flawless marketing techniques that meant Nike ended the end of 2017 with a bang. The Air Jordan 1 Chicago seemed to be the pinacle of the collection and was the fan favorite. They where gold dust before they even released. Retailing at £160 on the day of release pairs where selling anywhere from £1100-£1600 on average. Nowadays its really up to the seller what they want to sell for.Of course with the popularity of this shoe as you can imagine there is a huge amount of fakes that have flooded the market and you really don’t want to be stung spending anywhere up to £2000 on a shoe that turns out to be a fake. Bellow ive included a guide to help you make sure you don’t fall into the trap of buying a fake and can buy with confidence.

Swoosh placement, shape and stitching.

Stitching– Now one of the primary things to look out for when buying a pair of these is the stitching on the swoosh. The stitching at the top should form a small neat rectangle, on the fake you can see its noticeably longer. On the actual tick at the bottom the stitching on the tick should be small and neat, note the size of the stitching on the fake and the gaps between the thread.

Shape– Also note the shape of the swoosh, the legit swoosh is slightly more hooked compared to the fake that is slightly more straight at the top point. Foam– Also note how the grey exposed foam above the tick is a lot more neat compared to the angle of the fakes that sticks out uneven.



Swoosh placement top– If you look at the top point of the swoosh you can see that it stops just bellow the stitching on the real pair compared to the fake pair that overlaps the black stitching.


Picture credit @masses.com.my

Swoosh placement bottom- Note how the legit pair is slightly further apart from the mid sole compared to the fake pair that has a tick slightly nearer the mid sole.

Important note- There was some legit pairs that had inconsistency with the placement of the swoosh so if a pairs swoosh isn’t exactly how it is in the examples then its not always a straight callout for it being fake, make sure you use this info with correlation to the other points to be sure!

Air Jordan wings logo

Photo credit @masses.com.my

Finish– Another important part of the shoe to check is the air Jordan wings logo. The authentic pair should have a high quality print with more of a matte black finish compared to the fake pair that has more of a glossy finish.

Font- Authentic pairs have equally sized clear cut letters compared to the fakes that sometimes have slight difference in letter length and look slightly more sloppy around the edges.


Photo credit @masses.com.my

Wings spacing- Note how on the legit pair there is equal spacing between the parts of the wings, now look at the fake logo and note how most of the wing parts are connected to each other. This is definitely something to look out for.

Perferation- Make sure the perferation along the top above the logo and at the bottom bellow the logo go through the leather like its been fully pierced with a needle. On the fakes sometimes they look like they’ve only been half pierced.


“Air” logo on midsole

Photo credit @masses.com.my

Finish- The finishing on a legit pair should be a matte finish where’as the fakes tend to have more of a glossy finish with a slight sheen to it.

Placement- The placing of the legit pair should be bang in the middle between where the outsole starts and the stitching of the midsole. Fake pairs tend to have the “Air” placed slightly nearer to the outsole.


Back of shoe

Photo credit @mybizshare.com

Shape- Now this is really something to look out for on a bad fake, good fakes have long since fixed this problem. The pictures are pretty self explanitory. The whole shape of the back of the fake is completely wrong. The foam inside at the top is much too exposed, the leather at the top isnt curved enough. The heel at the back is almost double the lengh of the authentic back.


Photo credit @masses.com.my

Texture- Now this is a slightly more obscure detail to look out for. Note how symmetrical and even the pattern at the back is. It almost looks like scales. Now compare that to the fake that doesn’t look quite as detailed or have clean cut rectangles like the authentic pair.

“Off-white” Beaverton, Oregon USA side print


Finish- The legit pairs writing should a matt finish in compariso to the fake pair that has more of a glossy finish. Also note hoiw the legit pair has a slight smudged effect where’as

the fake pairs print is very neat. The smudging effect has now been put onto a lot of the fakes so this cant always be an effective way to check.

Important note- Placement of the print can vary shoe to shoe depending on shoe size. So if your trying to make a comparison to another lsiting make sure you check a shoe the same size.

“85” Flap

Photo credit @mybizshare.com

The “85” flap on the side of each shoe is a very important thing to look at when doing a legit check.

Finish- The finish of the “85” on a legit pair should be matte where’as the finsih on the fake pair is glossy.

Perferation- Note how the perferation on the legit flap is neatly done, on the fake pair it is messy and rough.


Photo credit @www.therarehouse.com

Wings indent- On an authentic pair you will notice that the wings logo indents through the front to the back of the flap next to where the “85” is.

Perferations on toe box


Perferations- The little holes in the toe box should be neat, small and symmetrically placed on a legit pair. Where’as on the fakes the holes are noteably larger with a less neat finish.

Zip Tie

Photo creds @masses.com.ny

Another thing to look out for is the difference between a real and fake zip tie that comes hung on the shoe.

Colour- A legit zip tie should be a dark shade of red. A fake zip tie is more of a bright red/ Orangy shade.


Photo creds- masses.com.my

Size- Another important thing to look out for is the size of the zip tie. A lot of the fake zip ties ar a lot longer in lengh and have a bigger circumference where the writing is than legit zip ties. This is a tell tale sign.

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