Box Logo Hoodies

Box Logo Hoodies

“Flying e”:

One of the most common ways to spot that a box logo hoodie is fake is by watching the last e in “Supreme” on the front of the hoodie. On a legit hoodie, all the letters are supposed to be on the same level.

However, on many fakes the last e is usually higher up than the other letters, that’s why it’s called the “flying e”, because it looks like it is “flying”.

Another example of a “flying e” (you can easily see how high the last e is compared to the rest of the text).



“Overlapping neck tags”

On legit box logo hoodies, there should be a gap between the neck tags. Whereas many fake hoodies you’ll see that the neck tags are touching or overlapping

However, be aware that many fake hoodies do not have overlapping neck tags, but instead their tags are touching or way too close to each other.




Other things to be aware of when checking neck tags:

On most legit box logo hoodies, the small tag on the right should stop when the “Supreme” on the big tag starts.

Be aware that this does not apply to all legit box logo hoodies, but most of them.

Another thing you should also be on the look for is the length of the bottom of the neck tag. On this picture you can see that the bottom of the neck tag is longer than the legit ones:

Also the length of the top of the neck tag can be wrong compared to legit hoodies. On this picture, you can clearly see how the top of the neck tag is way shorter than the legit one:




The lettering on the neck tag:

Sometimes the letters on the neck tag can be a little off. On this picture, you’ll notice how the p is missing the little space before the oval, how the m is missing the little space before the second line, how the r also is missing the little space before the end (just some examples that shows why it’s fake):

This can also apply to the back of the neck tag. In these cases, where the neck tags are fake, then there’s usually some extra space between the letters, or the font just seems weird. Here’s an example:



The washing tag:

It’s not always as easy to legit check a hoodie by its washing tag, but there are some major differences.

The stitching on the top of the washing tag is always the same on the most legit box logo hoodies (be aware that factory errors may occur sometimes, causing a legit box logo to have a slightly difference stitching than other legit hoodies). However, there’s one type of stitching that is always easy to spot is fake, and i’ll just show you a picture of it:

As you can see, the fake one doesn’t have a single stitch on the top of the washing tag, which is a clear giveaway.



However, some fakes have a single stitching on the top, but it may look different than a legit one. On this example you can see how the fake stitching rises up, while the legit one keeps a straight line:

Legit stitching:

Fake stitching:

You can also see how the fabric is different, but this is usually hard to see, so i will not go any further in detail on that.

Moreover on some fakes it says 100% cotton whereas the genuine tag says 90%.



The letters on the box logo:

One of the most common ways to spot if a hoodie is fake or not, the lettering on the box logo. However, be aware the lettering on box logo’s changes across years. Okay, we’re going to start off with something easy, the spacing between the letters.

Here’s a legit box logo, where you clearly can see that there’s space between every letter:

And here’s a fake one, where you’ll clearly see that the letters are way to close to each other:

On all legit box logo hoodies there’s supposed to be a space between every single letter.

Another trick for telling the real and fake logo apart is by the Supreme lettering itself. There should be plenty of space around the word ‘Supreme’ and the embroidery should be in a matte white. Fake logos will have a grey tinge to them and will glint when put under light.



Oval P

Another common way to check if the box logo is legit is by checking if the p has a “oval” inside of it.

On this picture, you can see how the legit box logos have a clear “circle oval” inside of them:

While on this picture, you’ll see how the fake ones kind of “cut of” the oval in the p, leaving a straight line upwards (explained in the picture):

Be aware that this does not apply to older hoodies!




Horizontal lines

On legit box logos, the stitching of the background is very sturdy and has a distinctive “crisscross pattern”

However, on some fake box logos you’ll notice how the stitching in the background has horizontal lines that go over the whole box logo. You can see that i’ve marked some parts of the horizontal lines on this picture, and try to notice how they follow the whole way through:



The inside of the box logo:

The fakes have got better at this part, but i’ll still show you what you have to be aware of when checking the inside of the box logo.

On the legit box logo hoodies, the inside is supposed to look like this:

You can clearly see the “Supreme” text, and the back stitching have a clear “criss cross” pattern.

However, on the inside of this fake box logo, you’ll notice how there are no stitching:

Here’s a better fake, but you can still see some differences when compared to a the legit box logo:

The biggest difference is how the background stitching is too dense, and the “criss cross” pattern isn’t really that clear. Be aware that many fakes have become very good at faking the inside of the box logos, so many times the easiest way to check if the inside stitching on a hoodie is legit is to compare it to the real piece.



The drawstrings:

Almost all of the legit hoodies (except for the very old ones), are supposed to have a flat drawstring, like this:

A hoodie with round draw strings is fake. When it comes to spotting a fake hoodie, you can tell a lot from the drawstrings. Supreme use flat drawstrings in all of their hoodies which is a big giveaway when you’re looking for a fake.




The fakes hoods are larger in size. When lined up together at the shoulder/box logo, the hood is taller.


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