One of the most anticipated shoe releases of 2018. The Travis Scott air Jordan 4’s where teased by Travis himself months before the shoes general release and sent Travis fans and sneaker heads into a frenzy. They’ve also been teased in a purple and khaki/brown colourway.  The Blue version released on the 22nd June 2018. It was an instant sell out but fortunately stock levels where high so these didn’t actually go for an insane price in terms of resale and where pretty affordable for the average sneaker collector. That being said, it didn’t stop a huge influx of fakes flooding the market. Bellow we’ve included a guide so you can be confident when buying from listings.

Tongue and Jumpman patch

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One of the things to look out for first off is the jumpman patch on the tongue.

Placement- Make sure the patch is central to the tongue, with some of the fakes the patches tend to not be completely central.

Jumpman logo- You can see the difference in shape of the actual logo, you can also see the quality of stitching is lot better on the legit pair.

Another important thing to look at is the actual tongue itself.

Shape- If you compare the real tongue to the fake one you will notice that the real tongue is more rounded where’as the fake tongue is a lot more flat at the top.

Thickness– The black liner on the back of the tongue is thicker on the legit pairs than the fakes.

Shoe Shape

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Shape of back- If you have a look at the yellow lines you will notice the actual back of the shoe on the fake is more slanted than the legit pair. It also has less suede at the bottom of the heel.

Red shoe liner- If you look at the small yellow arrow at the top you will notice that on the legit pair the red shoe liner is slightly thicker than the shoe liner on the fake pair.

Stitching- If you look at the stitching highlighted in the yellow box you will notice that on the real pair the stitching sits perfectly visible bellow the plastic where’as on the fake pair it kind of molds into the shoe bellow the plastic.

Plastic Mesh

One of the biggest things to look out for is the mesh throughout the shoe. The fakes tend to have the plastic mesh pretty slanted compared to the legit pairs. They also tend to use slightly thinner, feeble plastic grids. I am going to include some examples of this bellow.

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Another thing you will notice that the stitching on the fake pair is pretty wonky and uneven, this is something else to look out for.

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Air bubble unit

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You will notice on the legit pair bellow the actual air bubble there is a small indented space, almost like a mini window sill. If you look at the fake pair it has next to no space next to the actual air bubble. You can also note the difference in the actual shape of the air bubble unit between the fake and legit pair.

Box Label

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Another thing you can check is the actual label on the box. There will usually be a difference in the font style and how bold it is. The legit label is also an off white colour where’as the fake labels tend to be more of a pale white.


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