Nike x Off white “The 10”, a collaboration that took the streetwear world by storm. A collaboration that not only became extremely sought after by what people would call the “hypebeast” community but it seemed that an extremely high precentage of people in the fashion world was after at least one shoe from the collection. Maybe it’s the fact that virgil just seems to create desirable products that always seem to be of limited qauntity, or maybe it was Virgils seemingly flawless marketing techniques that meant Nike ended the end of 2017 with a bang. The Converse didn’t make it into the initial release due to an apparent problem with production of the shoe. This left fans of the converse having to wait till May 2018 before they could get they’re hands on them. But the wait was well worth it, with a seethrough mesh design leaving endless possibilities to be depicted why whatever socks the wearer would choose these quickly became very hard to get a hold of. Resell prices quickly became upwards of £600. Bellow we’ve included a guide on how to spot fakes and ensure you can buy from a listing with confidence.


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Curve- One of the most important things to look out for is the shape of the back of the shoe. Note how much more curved the legit pair is compared to how straight the back of the fake shoe is.

Back of shoe

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Black rubber patch- Note how the rubber patch on the legit pair goes down to the very bottom of the sole where’as the patch on the fake pair has a small gap between the edge of the patch and the bottom of the sole.

White edge around heel support-  Note the white edge around the light blue heel support on the legit pair is thin and symmetrical the whole way round. Compare that to the fake pair and you can see it is much thicker and also unequal in thickness. It is also completely central like the legit pair.

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Colour of white on black patch- The white on the black patch on the legit pair should be an off white colour where’as on a fake pair it tends to be more of a light white colour.

Converse patch

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Orange tab shape- Note how the legit tab is rectangular with squared corners, compare that to the fake tab that has rounded corners.

Stitching- Note how the legit tabs stitching is darker compared to the fake stitching that is slightly more light in colour.

Inside of tongue

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Stitched label- The inside of the tongue must have an orange label stitched adjacent to the orange label on the front of the tongue. Some fakes do not have this label and its an instant give away.

“Vulcanized” on Midsole

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Font- Note how the real shoe has neat font that isn’t too bold. A lot of fakes have the font too bold and also sometimes fuzzy like the one pictured.

“ Marks- Now only the lazy fakes are missing the quotation marks but its still something to look out for.

Placement- Now use the top picture as a guide for the placement of “vulcanized”. Some of the fakes the placement is incorrect.


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Colour- A legit insole should be an off white colour where’as some of the fakes have made the insoles more of a brilliant white.


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Colour- A legit pairs sole should be more of a translucent blue. Some of the fakes are slightly darker and less translucent.


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