Apple Please STOP and Reevaluate Your Approach to Bugs on iOS


Dear Tim Cook,
This is a plea from some of your biggest fans. Your software has greatly degraded since iOS 7. Every new release we see an entirely new batch of bugs, some of which are security flaws others are smaller but still annoying bugs. We applaud you in your decision to allow a public beta for iOS 9. This allowed the power of hundreds of thousands of users to quickly find and report potential bugs. However, it seems that even though those users went out of their way to help make iOS 9 better, their findings went unnoticed. The backlog of overflowing defects on iOS 9 has grown and you can’t just continue to ignore your loyal customers. Loyalty can quickly change to hatred.

We need to have a sit down about rushing out new versions of iOS with known defects. Every piece of software has a glitch and can occasionally hiccup, we know that. It’s not the occasional hiccup we are talking about, it’s the continuous and repeated defects, some of which have existed since iOS 7 was first introduced. iOS users are fortunate enough to have a lot less problems than many other operating systems. The percentage of problems an everyday iOS user is experiencing is almost at 90%, it’s got to STOP. You’ve said that Apple’s number one reason for doing what you do is to make your customers love your products. There is only a limited amount of love someone can give to a product that continues to disappoint them on a daily basis. Please stand by your commitment and fix these issues. You can’t continue to hide behind a vial of unknown, come out, apologize and make a commitment to more stable software moving forward.

Thank You, Staff


Take a look at what some Apple customers have posted:





Note: We still stand by our opinion that Apple uses superior hardware and manufacturing techniques. Staff
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